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The Center Goals:

- Solve the shortage of nursing staff in Egyptian hospitals.
- Provide well-trained nurses.
- Develop young people from modest environments and help them find

a respectable job with an adequate salary.







The Center provides students with:
- Free tuitions, including study materials (books, lectures, uniform, trips, medical insurance, etc.).
- Transport expenses paid to students who live far from the center.
- Accommodation with meals for expatriate students.
- 400 L.E. monthly grant to cover student's personal expenses, help their families and to allow them to be completely devoted to study (no need to seek other work during their 12 months of training).


Study in the center is completely free & depends on sponsorship. With your help and support we can make

a difference in the lives of those trainees as well as the lives of every patient they treat.

St Verena Nurses Training Center

Life Saving dialysis

Live Saving Dialysis for

the Disadvantaged

Many patients suffering from kidney failure cannot afford the cost of dialysis and are not covered by the national health system in Egypt. St Mary and St Abo Seifen in El Hagannah, Egypt are helping cover the cost of dialysis for these patients. The Good Samaritan Service is helping cover the cost of some of the patients through the generous donations of many of our donors. The dialysis unit in this hospital covers approximately 100 patients per year at a cost of $1000/patient.

Stop FGM

We strive towards a world free of female genital mutilation (FGM), previous called female circumcision. FGM is a barbaric old African taboo that is not related to any religion. Actually, it is against God's complete and perfect creation of women. The Good Samaritan Service offers free educational posters about the complications and side effects of FGM for use in clinics and hospitals in African countries to educate the mothers and grandmothers against FGM. For orders please email us at goodandsamaritan

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